Portrait commissions

the inspiration



My portraits are inspired by Richard Burlet, he is considered an abstract-figurative artist, with strong Viennese influence of the late 1800s (Gustav Klimt etc). Burlet's paintings are richly colored compositions in collage and oil and each displays a brilliant pastiche of ornamental detail and strong colours. Burlet enjoyed manipulating the interplay of figure and background, flatness and depth, object and image and these aspects in turn work for me, allowing me to create individual and striking images for you.

Through collage I can integrate poignant artefacts into the fabric of the picture to add additional levels of emotional attachment- wedding invitations, bars of favourite music or spent airline tickets for a special holiday etc. These are swallowed into the composition unless the viewer starts to study in depth.

the process



My portraits are detailed and accurate acrylic paintings typically on canvas board of a size and aspect ratio that suits the subject. For both convenience and practicality, I tend to work from photographs in my studio. I can take these if you are close to me but decently resolved cherished images sent to me are good too if you are remote, especially if a commission is a surprise present. I can tailor the colours and texture of any work to suit your wishes and I’ll propose suggestions to you that I feel will work for your agreement before commencing.

The exchange of ideas to finalise a design composition and colour scheme, together with the time taken to potentially collect photos and artifacts means that you should plan ahead for these portraits. Please allow 1 to 2 months notice for collection of the final image and during busy exhibition phases of the year even longer.

The image can be painted on canvas, block canvas or canvas board and can be framed or mounted direct on walls. This will need establishing up front too.

the pricing



My portraits are one-offs, please contact me to buy one with your initial ideas so I can quote a price. 

As a guide a 40cm x 40cm bespoke portrait would cost around £400 dependent on the complexity. A larger portrait 76cm x 61cm would be around  £800.