Relief prints

the printing process


Each block print requires great attention to detail. I develop the design, in reverse, directly on a block of polished hardwood. After the drawing is finished, I use jeweller engraving tools to carve the design from the block. A thin layer of black, oil-based ink is then applied to the surface of the block that has not been cut away. I transfer the ink to a piece of printing paper by applying pressure with a hand-operated Tofco relief press.     

colour prints


 For coloured prints this process is repeated for each colour on a new block. The printing must be carefully aligned to avoid wastage.



For an edition of 50, I will ink and print the image by hand 50 separate times. Since each print is handmade, the colours can vary within the edition, as well as from the images on this site. Because of the great amount of time and effort necessary for me to do the work, some of my images may not always be in stock. When ordering, your patience may be requested.